Booking Terms & Conditions


All requests made through this site will be confirmed depending on the availability. ,once we receive your credit card number, we will charge the first night as a deposit in EUR currency  and confirm the booking via email.  If you are asking transfer from the airport, it will be charged together with the one night  booking fee.

Cancellations can be made on this website at any time in advance of arrival date he following conditions apply to cancellations received at Orient Hostel:

For the purposes of calculating cancellation charges, arrival time at your destination hostel is considered as 18:00hrs (6pm) local time. This applies to cancellations only, not to late arrivals. All cancellation charges are made by the destination hostel to the same card number provided for your booking.

The deposit amount is refundable if the cancellation is done within 24 hrs before arrival, it will be reimbursed to the credit card number. Within 24 hrs no refunds will be issued.